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Welcome to Kiyoka88's world!  
Angel Voice Kiyoka88
Starseed Light Language singer,  Mantra singer,  Singer-song-writer,
Voice therapist  and  artist from Japan

Kiyoka sang "Amazing Grace" at the opening of "Star Seed Cosmic Festival 2020" on YouTube, which over 216000 people watched in Japanese YouTube channel,

Here is same YouTube video which has English translation , which more than 35,000 watched.

Kiyoka's Youtube live.  Please subscribe and check it out!   Join us with chat!
Light language & Kansai-ben , singing, healing, laughing, and eating program.

English program celebrating over 600 YouTube subscribers! Kiyoka singing 4 songs including “Amazing Grace” with 2 ukuleles and stories about Sedona, Starseed Cosmic Festival, Sacred Ise Shrine Ukulele. Kiyoka's weekly program is at 8pm on Thursday night Japan time.

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スペイン バルセロナにて、Joan Chamorro氏率いるSant Andreu Jazz Bandのジャズフェスに参加し、世界の素晴らしいミュージシャンたちとの音楽三昧ぎゅっと濃い4日間! 2日目には Trumpet : Joe Magnarelli氏、Sax : Dick Oatts氏と Mistyを共演。
たまたまそのセッションを、Joan Chamorro氏も聴いておられ、

なんと、翌日のJoan氏指揮による 超国際的、超ビッグバンドにて、

In Barcelona, Kiyoka88 joined Jazz Festival which held by Joan Chamorro, Sant Andreu Jazz Band.  
On the second night, she sang Misty with Trumpet:Joe Magnarelli, Sax:Dick Oatts and amazing musicians.
Joan was watching the performance and he called me "Kiyoka, Japanese girl with beautiful vibrato!".
And he scouted me as the only one vocal and let me sing again in a very big and international band at the festival on the next day!
Thank you so much!

Concert & art at japanese garden in Cowden castle, Scotland 2018

スコットランド コーデン城 日本庭園にて 日本文化を紹介する夏祭りにて コンサート&「絵ことば」デモンストレーション



Sep 1, 2 スコットランド

Concert & E-kotoba demonstration in Summer Festival
@ Japanese garden in Cowden Castle in Scotland


On news paper Alloa Advertiser.

See details here.

世界中でご活躍される庭園デザイナー 福原成雄氏のお招きにより、
スコットランド コーデン城日本庭園で開催された 日本文化を紹介する「夏祭り」にて


Kiyoka will appear a little bit in the video of The Japanese Garden of Cowden Castle .
Please check "2014" "VIMEO The Japanese Garden of Cowden Castle" in this page.

コーデン城 日本庭園ご紹介動画にも着物姿で登場します。

singing with Orchestra in hawaii 2018 ハワイ島 桜フェスティバルにてオーケストラで独唱。

featuring kiyoka hachiya from japan on vocals and the cosmorchestra

June 29, and July 6 ハワイ島
 @Le Magic Pan, Hilo, Hawaii

    Piano:Annu Shionoya,   Trumpet: Michaeloha Elam

    Vocals:Kiyoka Hachiya,


Feb. 3.  13:30

  Waimea Cherry blossom heritage festival@ Kahilu theatre, Big Island, Hawaii

Kiyoka sang “Sakura Sakura “with CosmOrchestra

under direction of Conductor / arranged : Michaeloha Elam



   @Le Magic Pan, Hilo, Hawaii

  Piano&Vocals:Kiyoka Hachiya,  Trumpet: Michaeloha Elam



  @Sweet Potato kitchen and bakery in Hawi

  Piano:Annu Shionoya,   Trumpet: Michaeloha Elam

        Vocals:Kiyoka Hachiya,


カヒルシアターで開催された 「桜まつり」で、現地オーケストラにて独唱ほか、





  @Le Magic Pan, Hilo, Hawaii ハワイ島

        sang Jazz

  Piano: Annu Shionoya,  Trumpet: Michaeloha Elam
        Percussion: Gene Tamashiro,  Vocal: Kiyoka Hachiya



  @Le Magic Pan, Hilo, Hawaii

        sang original songs

        with Green Flash,  Vocal&Piano: Kiyoka Hachiya


Sep. 22  Water Ceremony at Mauna Kea


Sep. 24    

  @Ho'olo'kahi congress church, Kona, Hawaii

       sang "Hurusato (hometown)", and "Amazing Grace"

  Piano: Annu Shionoya,  Trumpet: Michaeloha Elam
        Vocal: Kiyoka Hachiya


Sep. 24  

  @Kona Pub & Brewery

       sang "What a wonderful world" with Neisan Soul

       Trumpet: Michaeloha Elam, Vocal: Kiyoka Hachiya



   @Le Magic Pan, Hilo, Hawaii

  Piano: Annu Shionoya,  Trumpet: Michaeloha Elam
        Vocal: Kiyoka Hachiya

PV for Kiyoka's CD "Moonlight on my skin"

dedication for the gods in hilo-daijingu-shrine, hilo, hawaii 2017 ハワイ島ヒロ大神宮「さくら祭り」にて奉納演奏

日本国外に現存する最古の神社 ハワイ島のヒロ大神宮にて、奉納演奏させていただきました。

Wahine festival in Hawaii 2017 ハワイ島ワヒネフェスティバル

Mar.17 prayer for the water at Kipuka Pu'u Huluhulu, on the  Big Island, Hawai'i, USA


Mar.19  sang at  Wahine Fest , Green Lake 

初のハワイ島で、到着早々、「女性解放フェスティバル Wahine Festival」の野外コンサート ステージで 歌わせていただきました。

Mar. 21 Open mic with violon Hawk, percussion Gene from Green Flash at Lava Shak, Pahoa


Mar.22 Prayer for the water, Hathors mantra, at sacred sauna, the Kingdom of Heaven


Mar.23 made short film "The Coqui Belles, And Cookies" with Millicent Cummings


Mar.24 sang with DJ , trumpet Michaeloha at Alchemy festival in Hawaiian Sanctuary


Mar. 25 recording "The theme of Coqui Belles" with Millicent Cummings

               sang at Maunakea Ohana Potluck party


Mar. 26 sang at Hilo Daijingu shinto-shrine in Spring festival

               dedicated the song "Amaterasu-kamiyo, the goddess of the sun".


Mar. 27 sang with guitar Greg, trumpet Michaeloha at Gartrude's jazz bar in Kona 

Auroville, varanasi, india, 2015 インド

Studying singing and mantras with Silvia Nakacch, Gramy nominee, and wonderful teachers.

グラミー賞にノミネートされたシルヴィアナカッチ氏のもと、インド オーロヴィル、ヴァラナシにマントラ、ドゥルパの勉強に行き、現地でコンサート。現地の素晴らしい先生方、世界中から集まってきた素晴らしいミュージシャンたちと、貴重な時間を過ごしました。

After the trip to India, I made this CD Sacred Mantras and invocations.
Songs #1 - #5  I sang with all inspiration from up above when recording.
Songs #6 - #8 I learned melodies of these songs in India, and arranged by myself and put harmony with inspiration when recording.

Kaua'i, Hawai'i 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016カウアイ島


June 28, 2016 ハワイ カウアイ島

Sheraton Kauai resort hotel


sang with Kekai Chock


June. 26,  2016 Hawaii time **

Kaua'i Live

KKCR Kaua'i Community Radio

ハワイアンの祭典「E kanikapila kakou」、ホテルステージなど、貴重なステージで歌わせていただく。

Feb. 28,  Hawaii time   ハワイ カウアイ島

Kaua'i Live

KKCR Kaua'i Community Radio


in the morning Feb. 29 Hawaii time

Music class at Kapa'a middle school


19:00 Feb. 29,   Hawaii time

"On the island fragrance of purple" playing with the piano

E Kanikapila Kakou at Kauai Beach Resort


I won't forget the big applause they gave me
while I was singing on the piano
and after I sang!
The president of E Kanikapila Kakou, Ms Carol Yotsuda gave me following comment:

"What a wonderful performer;
she added so much to the overall surprise and celebratory feeling of EKK that night.

I feel honored.  Thank you so much & Mahalo!

Kiyoka Hachiya singing at fundraiser in Kaua'i, for 3.11 Japan in 2011 video by Gian

2011年 3月 3.11の直後に、 ハワイ カウアイ島にて開催された、「東日本大震災へのチャリティーコンサート」にて、


Sedona, arizona 2013

Hi, I'm Kiyoka Hachiya, Japanese singer-song-writer.

Also I paint "E-kotoba". (Message of love and illustration.)


I was born and raised near Lake Biwa, which is the biggest lake in Japan.

Also the Chinese character "Kiyo" from my name
means "Clear and pure water".

That is why I'm strongly connected to "Water spirits".


I sing about "Love & Peace", "Water and our lives"

both in Japanese and English.

I mostly write my song in Japanese,

but I translated some of them into English.


My CD "The best 2011" is sold

at the Children of the Land in Kaua'i, Hawaii.

Please ask Sandy, or Phil, there.


In 2014, My song "Honmani-mechamecha-ureshiinen"
(I'm sooooo happy to meet you),

was selected in one of the best songs

played on the radio show "Kaua'i Live".

The song is recorded in the KKCR radio station's compilation CD

and the CD is to be distributed to over 200 radio stations in the USA.


Since 2017, I started singing on the Big Island.

To get contact with Kiyoka directly, please fill out following form.

I'll send you back e-mail.


Thank you!

Kiyoka Hachiya, Japan

You can download some of Kiyoka's songs in CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon.

 Album  "From Japan to the World" 2011

*Kiyoka Hachiya's song

"Honmani-mechamecha-uresiinen" (I'm happy to meet you)

was selected one of the best songs

perfoemed at "Kauai Live" on KKCR radio show in Kauai, Hawaii.

These songs will be in the CD,
and the CD will be going to be destributed to
200 radio stations in USA.

You can download the song "Honmani-mechamecha-uresiinen"
in iTunes.  (See above). 

*Rhaya Cerestyne's book
"Going Nuts in Kaua'i - Love, Humor and Spirituality"

was published in Autumn 2013.
In the story, " a singer named Kiyoka from Japan " will appear.

Please find me!

You can buy the book in Amazon.


メモ: * は入力必須項目です